FREE $25 Walmart Shopping Voucher or $25 Target Shopping Voucher


Get your Membership and Claim Your FREE $25 Walmart Shopping Voucher or $25 Target Shopping Voucher

My friend signed up with this program and she loves it! If you keep your membership, you only have to pay $2 per month and get a FREE $25 voucher every month plus a FREE Full year magazine subsription! You may cancel your subscription at anytime and you can keep your FREEBIES

Shop at Walmart for anything you want and get $25 in rebate vouchers. Think of it as a mini shopping spree! There are no black-out dates or restricted items, buy what you want, when you want.

  • A $25 restaurant voucher
  • A full year magazine subscription

Billing Information: By submitting your order your card will be charged $1.00 by PDM Scores and you will be eligible to receive all the benefits of services from Your card will be charged $1.00 by PDM Scores every 16 days unless and until you call (877) 834-2830 to cancel your membership with You may cancel your membership at any time.

Click here to claim your FREE $25 Walmart Shopping Voucher!

Click here to claim your FREE $25  Shopping Voucher!

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