Global Test Market – FREE Full Size Product Sample and Get Paid

Global Test market


GlobalTestMarket is a unique online community where consumers from around the world participate in online paid surveys. They are now accepting new applicants to help companies to improve their products.

GlobalTestMarket has sent out free full size laundry detergent , Coffee maker + coffee supply for 3 months, paper towel , food samples and get paid to take a survey about the product

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** IMPORTANT : You must check and confirm your email to activate your account

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Global Test Market


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  1. I signe up at least 4 weeks ago how long befor they send you emails >I thought maybe it didnt go thru so I tried to sign up todat it come back that I already signed up?

  2. After you sign up, you need to go back to your email and activate. You probably forgot to do it , so they canceled your membership

  3. I love Global test market!! I signed up few months ago from your site and got so many free stuff ! I am so excited to win their $20,000 quaterly drawing or $300 cash everyday! Thanks MonsterFreebies

  4. i made the mistake of signing up to various survey companies last year, it works out that you get about 20-50pence for a survey that takes 25mins… and that is only IF you ‘fit the target profile’, so you spend 5mins going through the same questions every survey to get ‘zoned out’. i reckon you get paid for about 1 in 7 surveys, oh, except you dont always get paid… sometimes if youre REALLY lucky youll qualify for their ‘fantastic prize draw’ (read the small print, they hold the draws max 1 a month and 1every 3months is more like it truthfully.) on the whole its a big fat con, oh and take special care with the companies that offer points, it might look like 2000points is a lot, but when you read small print, 1000points is equivalent to 1GBpenny… also they sucker you in by sending emails saying that if you do not complete more surveys they will remove you from mailing list and when youve done a few surveys you resent losing the paltry amount but YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CLAIM SMALL AMOUNTS! some let you claim at 10GBPOUNDS but most you have to choose from ‘gifts’ and they are either rubbish or so overpriced that it will take you 6months to accumulate enough points for a cd. there may well be companies that do offer better rates or incentives but in my experience they were all rubbish i’m afraid, the only thing that increased was the volume of ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ mail in my spam folder and my blood pressure.

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