Opinion Outpost : Product Testers Needed and Get Paid

Opinion Outpost : Product Testers Needed and Get Paid

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Opinion Outpost : Product Testers Needed and Get Paid



Opinion Outpost is run by Survey Sampling International. Survey panel membership benefits to Opinion Outpost include earning Opinion Points (which are redeemable for cash) for most surveys completed. So  YES, Opinion Outpost is a LEGIT Survey Panel! 

A blogy friend just got this check from Opinion Outpost! Get paid for sharing your opinion and try FREE product. Many of our readers informed us that they received Hamburger Helper, FREE WOOLITE Dark Colors Laundry Detergent 32 load , Baby Wipes, Fiber One Kids Bars, Yogurts and more free items plus FREE cash!

Check what our readers had to say  about Opinion Outpost : 

LORI T  oooh, opinion outpost is great! I get many many surveys and always cash out for the paypal. have done around $200 this year. Nice savings account money! Pinecone is great too. I ve had several great product trials from them. The most recent is a very expensive perfume! Something I would never have gotten to experience otherwise! I ♥ surveys!

Danielle They send lots of things to test. I have had wipes diapers yogurt hambuger helper wollite lots of things even baby food and cereal. i have gotten cash lots of times with the test products! The cash is not coming directly for o.o. though it comes from the affilates that your testing for but this is a amazing co. that i recomend to everyone!!!

Other members :

I took my 1st survey @ Opinion Outpost on 7/24/2009. This month will mark the end of my 3rd year & I’m looking forward to the 4th. I’ve made $264 so far this year which averages $44 per month. I was making more but I don’t have as much time now to do surveys. Thanks OO!


I have been a member of Opinion Outpost for 6 months or so now, and have made about $100. They pay directly to my PayPal, which means I receive the money immediately after redeeming. Even if I don’t receive emails for every survey, I can go into my account and complete surveys almost daily. The amount that I qualify for is about 50/50. Occasionally there are some technical issues or surveys that do not load, but the amount that work is worth it. If you don’t qualify for a survey, you also get to play an instant win and I have won MANY points off of it. I have never had any problems getting my rewards. You the payout per survey is also generous – you typically get $0.50 to $1.50 per survey, meaning you can redeem for $10 after about 10-15 surveys. Overall, great quick & easy payout, and good amount of surveys. Great survey company.


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